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Ignition Sources

Ignition is one of the most important things in a combustion potato gun.  The following links will explain several methods of safely providing ignition.

Stun guns  : Cheaper than you think, and twice as reliable!

BBQ  : Some info on piezo ignition.

Lantern Lighter  : The granddaddy of ignition, and its still kickin'!

Wiring Multiple Sparks : Useful Diagram for when you just cant understand how parallel wiring works!

Spark Strip : One of the newer concepts in spudgun igniters.

Hybrid Ignition System (HIS) : Info on making a one hole spark device

No Spark Plug Method : A new look towards hybrid or combustion ignition.

Coming Soon.....

The following list is an attempt to detail all ignition methods for spudguns.  The list will be completed in the near future.  I hope to have detailed explanations of all methods listed below.  I have not personally tried all of the below, so I need to research and build...

Rouge Methods: Coming soon (steel wool, match, heating element, glow plugs, "squibs", etc.) (also a warning against long nosed lighters in the endcap)

Camera Methods: Coming soon (plain camera, with flyback, steel wool, coil?)

High Voltage Methods: Coming soon (Flybacks, Neon Transformers, ignition coils, oil furnace transformers?)

Electric BBQs: Coming soon



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