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Broken Valve

This is a recent valve that I made.  It was a bear to get working.  I fought to get it working for a long time, but it finally worked.  It shot very well while test firing without a barrel.  The valve was based in a 2" tee, with an 1.25" seat, the seat having a 1.364" inner diameter.  I think that this is close to the same flow you would get with dual 1" sprinkler valves.  I realized a flaw in the design, and in attempting to remove a section of the guide pipe with a soldering iron and screwdriver : ), I broke the valve.  I threw the piston away (actually shot it out of a spudgun) so there are no pics of it.  I think the valve was a good first valve, and taught me much in the process of building.  I rebuilt the valve in a 1.5" tee, and it should have the same flow.  Here are some pics:

view into valve from the seat

view into the top of the valve

pilot area, it used to have a ball valve and schrader

side view

this is not the plan, but it is is the same setup (note: dimensions and valve are wrong)


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