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Spud Gun Videos

Over the next few days, the video section will be moving to my tripod uk site.  This should mean faster site navigation for site visitors, and less bandwidth used on my main site.

Video 1:

Golf balls vs. MDF Plywood, three shots:  The guy in the video is my cousin Michael.  Very interesting, the first had a bad fuel mix, and it busted a hole, but bounced back.  If you look frame per frame you can see it clearly.  Second shot, you can see the golf ball go into the river after going through plywood.  Look at them frame by frame, its pretty cool.  Third shot is from the back of the wood.  May take a while to download, but it is awesome.

Video 2:

Golf balls shooting into sloppy creek bottom mud.  Very cool, the first shot is a little farther away, and the second is very close up.  On the second shot, we found a brick under the mud LOL!  You should try shooting mud sometime, it left a really deep hole, but too bad the brick was there to stop it!

Video 3:

I struggled to cross this huge section of river for a few years with spuds.  I shot across it only 3 times in 2 years, but now with golf balls, it is child's play.  The golf ball just reaches the apex of height when it reaches the other bank, I would say these babies shoot twice as far as spuds, or 3 times as far.  This video is of my launcher skipping a golf ball across the river.  You will see it hit 3 times, then it goes onto the opposite bank.  Heck I used to strive to shoot across the river, now I can skip it!

Video 4:

This is a video of my cousin's launcher in action.  I helped with the construction process.  The valve is my valve seen here.   The video is quite varied.  It has golf balls penetrating metal shelving, golf balls shooting plastic coffee cans, golf balls penetrating plywood (no challenge : )  ), and a golf ball shattering a cement block.  The shot pressures varied widely, from approximately 80-120psi, depending on where the compressor pressure was at the time.  One shot at 140psi, which is not in the video, penetrated 2 layers of the metal, deformed the third piece badly, and left golf ball dimples in the third piece!  There are 3 quality levels (thanks bartman for guiding me through the process!).  The first is a high quality video at ~10mb.  The second is a medium quality at about 2.6mb (there is VERY little loss in quality from the first).  The third is a nice little guy, only 669kb, good quality, but the picture is really small.

        High Quality  |||  Medium Quality  |||  Low Quality (small resolution)




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