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Chamber Fan

A chamber fan is a good addition to any spud gun.  The purpose of a chamber fan is to provide a better fuel mixture inside of the  combustion chamber.  If you have ever used a spud gun in cold weather, you may have noticed a decrease in performance.  This is due to the fact that the fuel (in my case propane) molecules do not move as fast when cold.  As a result the fuel doesn’t mix very well.  A chamber fan is also useful to help vent out your chamber between shots.  This characteristic works especially well with breech loading potato guns. 

Below are some pictures of my chamber fan, as well as a wiring diagram of my setup.  The fan is a 12v computer case fan, which can be easily salvaged from an old junk computer or bought cheaply from a computer store,  Radio shack, or online.  I will note that even though the fan is rated for 12v, I use a 9V battery and it functions nicely.  The led light is not necessary, but is a cool little addition for a dollar or so more.  If you do wire the led light in note it must be wired as a separate circuit, and cannot be wired inline, as a switch would be. 



1.  12V computer fan
2.  2  10-24 screws
3.  4 10-24 nuts
4.  A momentary switch (sends current through when you push it down)
5.  LED light (rated for up to 12V)
6.  Wire
7.  9V battery connector
8.  9V battery
9.  Not shown, but I mounted the battery, LED, and switch inside of a “project box” made for homemade circuits.
All of these parts are easily found at any Radio Shack store.



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