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This is my link page, I try to only put highly relevant sites here, and sites with something interesting.  The links include building, plans, ideas, calculation, and many other aspects of spudgun design.

 The Spudgun Technology Center : The internet's premier spud gun web site.  Be sure to check out the cool accessories like rifled barrels, and the spud gun forum.

I frequent the forum there as "boogieman"

Burnt Latke :  An awesome site with many useful ideas and spud gun related calculators.  Be sure to check it out!

Cherry's Potato Guns : Spud gun site with pneumatic and combustion launchers.  Great info!  Recently updated.

The Spudgun Technology Center's Link Page :  If it's a good site, and is spud gun related, chances are you will find it here.

The IPLA :  The International Potato Launching Association Web Site, if you like spudguns, be sure to become a member!  Potato Launching events will be made in the future!

The spudgun database : A database of cannons and various designs.  PCGUY is posting some of my launchers at his site for his visitors to see.  Very nice site with a huge collection of launchers and ideas.

Air Powered Weapons : A great new site that lets you post spudgun pics.  Check it out to see some sweet launchers.

Vochraye : Insanely wicked launchers!  Great ideas, such as mini gun style grips and visa-fire system.

Foxxlord's Bucket O' Links : Foxxlord's bucket o' links, great spudgun construction info.

Launch Worx : Izzy does it's site, great info and cool launchers.

Online Conversion : The online conversion site, very useful when dealing with spudguns. 

Northern Virginia Spud Launchers : Northern Virginia Spud Launchers  : Wolf's spudgun site

Beginner's Spudgun : Guide to a very basic beginner's spudgun.

Tim's Homepage : Tim's Homepage, includes the tater tosser spudgun. : has pre built launchers available. : Xinventions is a site devoted to pneumatic launchers, hovercrafts, pyrotechnics, and more. : JACK ARMSTRONG - SPUDKILLER, this site has great theory info and some of the best designs I have seen. : The Starch Abuser's Homepage

Kevin's Potato Gun Page : Gyroman79's site, Loads of great stuff and unique designs. : Lucky13's website, a ton of cool stuff, including a "poor man's flamethrower" : PS Guns, many unique designs.  Cool site, check it out. : Launch Worx, awesome site with a ton of spudgun info, designs, launchers, and some how to's for modding rainbird sprinklers. : adrenaline105's site.  Some cool stuff!



If you do not see your site here and would like me to consider linking, give me an email with your url, spudtech username if applicable and any other info.  There are many good sites that I would like to link to, but have little time to organize them.  My email is on the misc. page.




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