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New/Updated Stuff

The new stuff:

Just an update.  It's been a long while since any updates have came to the the site.  The site is not dead.  I have been building choppers (motorcycle kind) for a hobby now.  I am about 3/4 done with my last one I am building.  Anyways, I plan on adding and improving the site (this is April 2008) after the chopper is done.  I really miss spudgunning and plan on getting back into it soon.

New Cannon!  It has a 3" quick exhaust valve, modded for pneumatic actuation.  Details will follow soon.

New Launcher added!  Check out the GB Cannon!  It's a beast!

New Hybrid Ignition System page added, as well as the No Spark Plug Method of ignition.  The mini copper hybrid is complete, I just need to figure fueling info for the fuel container.  Pics still coming soon.

Site forum Added!  It's been years in the making, but now advancedspuds has it's own forum!  Please visit and register by clicking here, or the link at the top of the screen.  The forum still needs some polishing up, but it is fully functional.  Enjoy!

Also I have added a link bar at the top of the screen.  Coming soon will be more info on my hybrid, some 20' golf ball barrel chrony tests, and a mini copper hybrid that is in the works.  I plan on adding several sections explaining some of the basics, such as modding sprinkler valves, and how various spudgun components work.  Keep checking back, as they will be done as soon as I get some extra time.

Archived updates/New:

I just received the rifled breech loading barrel I purchased from the SGTC, It looks very nice, I should have pics and more info after I take pics and shoot it.....

I have shot the rifled breech loading barrel and it is awesome.  Still waiting for a digital camera, so no pics yet.

02/15/2003:   My first pneumatic is finished, it is a coaxial gun.  What makes it unusual is that it is a breech loading gun.  It uses a modified sprinkler valve.  I should have info on the site soon, I just need to get access to a digital camera.

02/19/2003: New untested ammo section.

03/12/2003: Added some pics of my rifled breech loading barrel, also made changes to the breech loading barrel section.

03/26/2003: Added pics of my new pneumatic launcher and a description of my propane metering system.

04/03/2003: Forgot to update here when burst disk test/plans completed.  Added navigation bar.

06/28/2003: Fixed navigation bar, added pics of painted Quadzilla, added gluing techniques, added pics of side vented cannon, added a pic of mini T-Rex on plans page, many other small updates.

07/10/2003: Added a small section in future plans.  I am without a digital camera for a few weeks, so no pics for a while.  Ghetto propane meter was added a while ago, as was paintball barrel.

07/20/2003: Added golf ball barrel, spark strip, and marshmallow gun.

08/06/2003: Added painting techniques, links and a few funny pics.

08/30/2003: Added Revolver X section, with check valve, chamber fan, and eye candy.

10/18/2003: Added Revolver X section, Minor theme change, new domain name (, upgraded web service.

11/20/2003: Added SpudTool and removed counter from index page. 

11/26/2003: Added BL Series Launcher, more lantern lighter info, and Various small tweaks and new navigation drop down.

12/28/2003: Added MetalMayhem Launcher, changed format on my launchers page, various small changes.

01/09/2004: Added BBAuto.

02/17/2004: Many small updates.

03/20/2004: Many small updates (also, I forgot to add quite a few small changes I made in the past month).  Added my hybrid a while ago.  Added a hybrid test page a few days ago.  Added a fuel chart of common fuels on the fuel page.  Added fuel advice for the mini spudder on the plans page (in orange).  Added some additional ignition methods, descriptions coming soon.  Also joined The Spud Cannons Of The Internet Web Ring.




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