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Hybrid Ignition System (HIS)

The HIS is a way to get a spark-strip like unit inside of a hybrid by using only one hole.  It should be noted that for multiple sparks to occur in a hybrid/pressurized environment, the gaps must be almost invisible.  This method would look sweet on a clear combustion gun.

Here is the lowdown. The backbone of the unit is 1/4" sch80 PVC. The right end is tapped and a 1/8" brass plug is inserted. The left end is threaded to 1/4" MPT. The left end goes into a brass elbow, which is connected to the vertical pipe nipple. The pipe nipple goes into the tapped chamber wall. On top of the pipe nipple is a 1/4" compression fitting. Ok, back to the orange looking pieces... these are copper. The red wire going through the center is soldered inside of the 1/8" plug (right side). It runs through the hollow tube and goes outside of the chamber. The wire is never exposed to the combustion gasses inside the chamber, but as a precaution it is epoxied in inside of the compression fitting. The red wire goes to one stungun output wire, and the other output wire is ran to the compression fitting. The spark jumps from the brass assembly, through the copper pieces, and to the brass plug.

note: 1/2" "L" copper, is a darn good fit over 1/4" sch80. The copper was "glued" on to the 1/4" PVC with silicon.

The whole assembly looks really robust, almost overkill. Sometimes overkill is a good thing, and I think dealing with a hybrid is one of those times.

(one more thing, the dark grey vertical line towards the right, is a PVC support made with homemade PVC sheet)
This isn't my idea, but by simply slicing the PVC lengthways and putting it in the oven at 380 degrees will soften it enough to allow it to be pressed flat. I pressed it using a cutting board. 380 is a good temp, it allows the PVC to be extremely pliable, yet not so hot it fries your fingers. It takes a minute or two for it to become pliable.

Concept pic of HIS

Pic of Installed HIS

Pic of flat PVC Sheet



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