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Check Valve Assembly

Revolver X uses a check valve, or one way valve, in combination with a 12v high speed fan, to aid in rapidly exhausting spent fuel.  This is highly important when dealing with rapid firing launchers such as this one.  The check valve itself, the black portion, is a WAYNE sump pump check valve (part #57027-WYN).  The reason for using a check valve is so that the high speed exhaust fan can open the valve, forcing fresh air in and exhaust fumes out.  The valve seals as soon as the exhaust fan is shut off, and the combustion will not escape the chamber through the valve.  The whole assembly is used to keep from unscrewing an end cap, as is done on more traditional launchers.  One other aspect I feel is worth mentioning is the chamber fan wiring will be going through the top stainless bolts, eliminating a need for holes in the chamber.  The check valve assembly can be used on the back of any chamber with the right adapter.


The check valve assembly is straight forward in most aspects, but time and care are needed to get desirable results.  The end of the check valve (opposite threaded end), fits inside regular sch40 PVC.  The sch40 needed a 1.5" to 2" adapter, since it goes in a 2" fitting, so this was glued on the end.  The check valve is made of ABS, PVC and ABS do not fuse properly when solvent welded, potentially creating a safety risk.  To overcome this problem, a 1.5" sch40 coupler was glued over the end of the 1.5" PVC pipe and the sump pump valve.  The valve had a section with the same OD as regular SCH40 pipe, making a perfect place to put the coupler.  The problem of improper solvent welding still existed, so stainless steel 8-32 bolts were screwed around the circumference of the coupler.  The screws went through both the PVC and the ABS, reinforcing the assembly.  Problem solved.

Picture of the check valve assembly

Second picture of the assembly

The valve assembly setting vertical

Now all you need to do is hook up a 12v air mattress inflator to the back of the check valve.  This can be taped in or held in place with machine screws.  To vent the gun simply turn on the inflator for a second or two.  I would highly recommend a setup like this on any launcher.  It has become one of my favorite accessories.




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