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  Flint-type Lantern Lighter

Sorry for the poor quality of these pics, I hope to get better ones very soon.

Close up of the lantern lighter

These sparkers are found in the camping goods section of most department or retail stores (such as Target, K-Mart, Wal-Mart to name a few). Many spud gunners use BBQ lighters, which is O.K., but personally, I like the flint type.  When I have tried BBQ igniters the BBQ wear out and the flint kind don't.  If they stop working then you only have to replace the flint, which is dirt cheap. Another reason I like them is that the flint type are a lot cheaper, almost $10.00 less than BBQ at most stores!  This is my favorite way to get a spark cheaply.  One thing to remember with a flint type spark is to not spray the sparker directly, as it could make the flint wet.  I now mainly use stun gun ignition, but have no reservations suggesting Lantern Lighters.


If using a lantern lighter in your spudgun, this tip comes in handy.  I suggest straying away from BBQ igniters on any gun.  

This tip is for installing the sparker. This tip is necessary on the Green Hornet, since the sparker is installed through a double layer of PVC fittings. This tip may also be needed on other potato guns. The problem originates from the nut on the lantern lighter being too short. The way to overcome this obstacle is to take the nut off the sparker.  Next drill a hole slightly smaller than the sparker.  Now screw the sparker into the gun from the inside.  The sparker will tap it's own threads into the PVC, resulting in no leaks, and no way for the sparker to come out.  

If any mistakes are made and there is a leak, you can use an epoxy such as JB-Weld around the threads of the lantern lighter.


On the following launcher I countersunk the area around the lighter.  This should be safe, but I would recommend not doing so.

Lantern Lighter installed

Inside View





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