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Side Vented Cannon

It took me a while, but I finally got my pictures finished.  As you notice the barrel is removed, as is the propane meter and propane tank.  

The reason the cannon was side vented was so it could be fired from the stand and still be vented, the endcap could not be unscrewed while on the stand.

The side vented cannon was constructed and worked well, but when I put the circuitry from the stun gun in the 45 elbow, proper precautions were not taken and the stun gun fried its own circuitry.  As a result the project was scrapped and the on-board propane meter was disassembled for use on future projects.  Here are a few pics of the gun in its skeletal state.  The gun used to be much more impressive, but here it is in the current condition:

Here it is in a sad state of disrepair.....

The launcher on it's stand (old golf bag cart)...



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