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This is my most used launcher and newest combustion model.  The name Quadzilla comes from the fact that there are 4 sparks in the chamber simultaneously.  The launcher has a 200,000V stun gun ignition system, with all the electrodes being stainless steel.  The Chamber includes a chamber fan, to aid in fuel mixing and exhausting spent gasses.  The gun is a breechloader, and uses cam lever couplings in the breech loading system.  There is no on-board propane meter, instead I decided to use the type found on the fuel page of my site.  This keeps the overall weight of the gun low, while still allowing propane to be precisely metered.  The launcher also has a stand, as you can see in the pictures, which allows consistent elevation changes when shooting for distance.  The gun recently received a paintjob with Krylon Fusion paint.  Multiple barrel attachments include: Breech Loadable Rifled 1.5" SCH 40, Breech Loadable Smoothbore 1.5" SCH 40, Sleeved Golf Ball Barrel, and 2.5" SCH 40 Tennis ball barrel.  This gun can also use the burst disk attachment and it's various size barrels.  Quadzilla will soon be getting a 3" barrel for pop cans/bottles, and a 2" barrel for limes and large spuds.

Before the paint job

Tennis Ball Barrel

Detail of wiring and stand mount

Gotta Love Those Flames!

Pic showing stand and 1.5" rifled barrel



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