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Revolver X

This is the prototype of my potato gun revolver.  It is much larger than the revolvers of the old west!  The firing mechanism is the handle on top of the gun.  On the top will be a custom switch.  It will work like this: it has 3 positions.  In the top, or first push it will inject the propane by means of an electronic solenoid valve.  The propane is metered and regulated also.  On the second push, which depresses the button down farther, the stun gun ignition becomes armed.  The stun gun will not be triggered until the button on the right side (front actually) of the handle is pushed.  Next the button is depressed to the third setting, which activates an air mattress inflator, which is piped into the back of the chamber, utilizing a check valve.  The check valve will only open in one direction, preventing the combusted gasses from escaping from the back of the gun, while allowing fast ventilation.  The inflator is a rechargeable one, which will be highly modified to activate with the custom switch, and it will also be used to power the 12v chamber fan constantly.  The chamber fan is not for exhausting, simply to mix the fuel.  I believe fuel mix will be more important when rapid firing.  This launcher will be capable (hopefully) of firing 6-8 shots or more per minute.  The cylinder will have 8-10 spud tubes, which will be loaded all at once, and will be sharpened for spud cutting.  The cylinder spins on an aluminum linear bearing and a bearing shaft by simplicity bearings.  The spud tubes are squeezed into place by utilizing a male cam lever coupler on a piece of the barrel and the female coupler mounted to the stock/stand.  The tubes are sealed with rubber "washers" inside of some modified couplers.  The cylinder will use an indexing device, probably a ball plunger to perfectly align the tubes every time it is turned.  One last thing, the cam lever couplers will be opened and closed with the top handle, it is a mechanism consisting of a few pin joints, and 3 pulleys, it is kind of complicated, I will post better descriptions and pics of this later.

Spudsonfire, a user at the forum recently posted a gun which used the air mattress inflator and the solenoid propane valve.  I deeply appreciate these ideas, they helped me out of a few design hurdles I had been toiling over for quite some time.



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