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Revolver X Fuel Setup

The fuel setup on Revolver X is somewhat complicated, but it makes it very easy to inject fuel into the chamber.  The fuel is injected electronically with the push of a button.  The fuel meter is set up like this:  The red fuel line goes to the propane tank.  The fuel line is attached to a Mr. Heater brand propane regulator.  I highly recommend that brand, as it does not need adjusted after shooting.  Some air regulators can be flaky, but not a Mr. Heater!  A Mr. Heater Regulator can be purchased online through a company called Do-It-Best.  The Regulator attaches to a 3-way electronic solenoid valve.  The solenoid valve is a 12v valve and was found on Ebay for around $25.  While no electricity is applied to the valve, the port going into the chamber is closed, and the bottom port (going to fuel supply) is open.  As a result the propane is directed out of the left branch and into the fuel meter.  The fuel meter has a gauge to confirm fuel pressure.  I actually saved a few dollars by drilling and taping a 1/8"NPT hole into the 3/4" cap.  Reducers would have cost ~$9 more.  So... now that you have a full meter pipe, the propane must get into the chamber.  All you do is simply push a button which supplies electricity to the solenoid.  The inlet port closes (stops propane supply) and the port into the chamber opens simultaneously.  

Fuel setup

Mr. Heater Regulator



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