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Revolver X Ignition

Revolver X uses a 300,000 Volt Stun Gun system to supply the spark.  The stun gun has been removed from it's case and is mounted inside a main project box.  The defaults were carefully maintained inside the project box, as to not damage the stungun circuitry.

For the spark strip I thought I would do something a little different.  I have had the spark strip constructed for what seems like forever, and it patiently waited for it's new home.  The spark strip is modified into what I like to call a spark rod.  It works like this:  Number 8-32 screws are screwed into the chamber, with a small adapter screwed on the bottom.  The adapter is a small cylinder, so that the end of the spark rod will fit into it, and it will also allow the 8-32 screws to screw into the top of the cylinder.  A wooden dowel becomes the backbone for the spark rod, and is clad with small copper tubing, such as the type found in hobby stores.  The tubing was trimmed to look nice, but above all you leave a gap in the tubing.  This way the spark occurs at the spark strip, and on the rod itself.  There are 13 sparks in all.  You could use the same procedure to eliminate the need for a spark strip at all.  It would be an easy way to make one without buying an expensive PC Board etching kit.


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