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Zooka is a small launcher designed to shoot golf balls.  It is tiny, but still can shoot a golf ball quite a ways.  The whole gun is only about 3 feet long.  It includes a 1" pneumatically actuated sprinkler valve, with trigger-like actuation.  The barrel includes a simulated muzzle break.

A basic rundown on the launcher parts is as follows, from muzzle to back:  1.5" coupler, 1.5" sdr21 barrel about 2' long,1.5" female adapter, 1.5" to 1" threaded bushing, 1" close sch80 nipple, 1" sprinkler valve, 1" male adapter, short stub or 1" sch40 pipe, 2" to 1" bushing, 3" to 2" bell reducer, short section of 3" sch40, 3" sch40 cap.  The chamber has a Schrader valve for filling.

I painted the launcher with olive drab ultra flat camouflage paint.

Side View

Nice Olive Drab paint

Close-up of Launcher

View of Valve

Simulated Muzzle Break



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