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BL Series

These are the BL Series launchers, BL standing for Breech Loading.  They are pretty straightforward launchers, offering great fun at a reasonable price.  I would highly recommend them for  a first launcher, they are not too high tech, but offer breech loading, a very nice feature for any launcher.  Don't be fooled by their looks, they pack a punch!

I would highly recommend the BL series for anyone just getting into spudgunning, Its cost and ease of construction makes it a great launcher.  It is also fairly easy to upgrade for once you start wanting more power!  It is also recommended to anyone, whether you are a spudgun beginner, or a seasoned veteran, you will love it's reliability and ease of use.

At the heart of the BL series is the breech loading system.  See Method Two: Pass Through from the breech loading page.  


The launcher is assembled as follows (listed rear to muzzle):

3" Female adapter with cleanout cap >>> 12" of 3" sch40 PVC pipe >>> 3" coupler >>> 3" to 2" reducer bushing (spigot x slip) >>> Either: A: 2" FPT Adapter (spig x FPT) or B: 2.5" section of 2" sch40 PVC pipe >>> Female Adapter (slip x FPT).  

Next you will have your pass through barrel which will be 51" of 1.5" sch40 PVC to give you a 1:1 ratio (don't believe all the old 1.5:1 ratio stuff, for this chamber, a 1:1 ratio will outperform a 1.5:1 ratio.)  Feel free to adjust the barrel length to suit your needs.  The barrel will have a 2" MPT adapter as well as a 2" to 1.5" bushing on it.  Looking at the breech loading page will make the barrel plans much clearer.

Now for the ignition.  Do whatever you wish, but I would suggest a lantern lighter.  The chrome thing on the launcher near the end cap is a lantern lighter with a knob that I fit on it.  Go here for the proper lantern lighter installation method.  Also, keep the lantern lighter towards the back of the launcher, this way it is possible to change flints without removing the whole assembly.

That, in a nutshell is how to build a BL series launcher.

BL Series with a black and red paintjob

This one I built for a friend

Lantern Lighter installed

Breech Loading Detail


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