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Yes, POS stands for what this launcher is!  A piece of $### !  I fought this thing for a week and no luck.  I believe the wye chamber is very detrimental to the gun, and causes it to be astoundingly weak.  I have tried some suggestions from others, and to no avail.  Apparently mini's are very touchy when it comes to fuel and fuel mixtures.  As a result I built a special "Ghetto Propane Meter" just for this gun.  The propane meter started as a project to make a very cheap, yet accurate meter.  As of writing this, this gun is no longer an active project, and the barrel and the ignition screws will most likely be the only parts worth salvaging.  It is a sad day and I will lay this creampuff gun to rest.  Here are some pics:

Looks fierce, too bad it's not!

Chamber Detail

Breech Loading Detail

Paintball Bolt Detail


This launcher was not a complete loss.  It gave me the chance to experiment with a breech-and-bolt action design, and let me put the Ghetto Propane Meter into use.  The paintball bolt was to have an attachment made of thin sheet metal to keep the paintball from rolling.  This metal piece could have been removed for using the potato cutting breech.

The Ghetto Meter more details

I found a use for the POSmini!

The chamber was adapted to be a barrel attachment for my larger spudgun.  Click here for more details.



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