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Paint Ball Barrel

I am sure that at one time everyone has wanted a paint ball barrel for their potato gun.  An great paintball barrel can be made with 3/4" CPVC.  It is a perfect fit.  This is what the coke gun uses.


This attachment is actually the whole POSmini Gun.  Since the gun really sucked, and Was basically scraped, this is how it is used now:

I would recommend 3/4" CPVC over this setup, (pictured is PVC barrel) but it can be used in a squeeze.  You just need some wadding.  I think this thing makes the ultimate "paintball sniper rifle!"  The C:B ratio is  ridiculously high, but hey who's counting?  This baby is so powerful that it would be very unsafe to shoot at a human target.  The following pics are some "Damage Pics" from the test shooting that I did:

Bye bye bark!

Come on guys, why wont you play paintball with me?

Cardboard penetration with paintball!  One shot went through both layers!


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