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Revolver X Chamber Fan

The chamber fan is capable of moving 33.24 CFM.  The fan aids in fuel mixing.  It is not used for exhaust, only for fuel mix.  Fuel mix is very important when dealing with any launcher.  The fan is lighted with 4 red LED lights, often used for modding computer cases.  The fan was modified to fit inside the 4" clear SCH40 PVC.  The corners had to be ground off with a Dremel tool.  The fan will be wired in a unique way, where the wires go to the check valve assembly, and hook to two of the stainless screws.  The outer fan wiring will be hooked to these screws also.

View of the fan


Lighted view of the fan


Another lighted view of the fan, looks awesome I think!

The red LED fan pictured above died.  Before correcting a spark strip (spark rod) problem, the rod fell and came into contact with the center of the fan.  I didn't notice at the time, and while pushing the ignition button a FAT white spark jumped to the center of the fan.  Apparently a fan designed for 14 volts max doesn't like a 300,000 volt power surge!

The red LED fan was constructed as an irremovable component.  I have used chamber fans and never had any problems, so I reasoned it could be permanently built in.  Murphy's Law took over and I had a dead fan.  Fixing the problem was pretty difficult, but could have been worse.  The old fan was 4" and needed to come out of a 2" hole... so out came the needle nose pliers and the fan was broken out.  There was then the problem of getting a new fan in.  After much consideration, I decided to flip the gun around completely, so there was a 3"FPT adapter in the back instead of the front.  This didn't really effect the launcher,  so it was a somewhat simple solution, I just needed to reverse everything on the launcher, including the fuel meter.

The current fan is a modified slot fan used on Mac computers.  It comes encased in a rectangular box, but I broke all the box away and used the turbine only.  Visual inspection of the explosions indicate it mixes fuel just as well as the red LED fan.  These slot fans may actually be a good solution for guns using aerosol fuels, as one could spray the fuel over top of the fan and into the chamber.  Here is a picture of the current setup:

View of new fan setup

More info on chamber fans




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