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Revolver X

Revolver X started like many of my spudgun ideas, an idle thought that has grown into what it is now.  Revolver X has been completed, but it still has bugs to work out.  Revolver X is as the name suggests, a revolver type spudgun.  The main goal was to create a spudgun with a very fast rate of fire, and to try to make something that hadn't been made many times before.  There is only one instance of a revolving spudgun on the internet, and it is a pay site which charges for plans.  This is Revolver X, enjoy!

Here are a few preview pics of what's in store:

Revolver X started out as a few sketches, and evolved into a prototype drawing.  Here you will find a description of the prototype, and see how the design advanced along the way.

<---Click here for prototype information


Revolver X uses a check valve, or one way valve, in combination with a 12v high speed fan, to aid in rapidly exhausting spent fuel.  This is highly important when dealing with rapid firing launchers such as this one.


<---Click here for check valve information and detailed description


The chamber fan is capable of moving 33.24 CFM.  The fan aids in fuel mixing.  Once again, fuel mix is very important when dealing with any launcher.  The lighted fan has been replaced with a modified slot fan.

<---Click here for fan info and detailed description

Here you will find eye candy, or really good looking images.  There are three pictures now, but as the launcher nears completion, there will no doubt be more to come.
<---Click here for Eye Candy!


Here you will find pictures of the finished gun.  Enjoy!

<---Click here for Finished Pictures of Revolver X!



The fuel meter is quite complicated, but it allows fuel to be injected electronically at the push of a button.

<---Click here for Fuel Injection System Info!


The ignition system on Revolver X utilizes a 300,000v stun gun, and an adaptation of the spark strip that I like to call a "Spark Rod."!

<---Click here for Ignition Information!


Revolver X runs on a 14.4V electronics system.  Here you will find information on the system.

<---Click here for Electronics Info!


Exhaust system information coming soon...



navigation may be malfunctioning... fix to come soon.