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My Launchers



My Hybrid : My hybrid, massive amounts of power!  Check it out!


The Side Vented cannon : This was a previous project combustion gun.  

Pics Quadzilla : One of my best combustion: Stun gun ignition, chamber fan, breech loading, The works!

POSmini : My mini launcher, what a joke.....

Revolver X : Still has a few things left, but it is one bad mutha!

BL Series : A combustion that is easy to build, yet has some great advanced features.  A highly recommended first build.

Mini T-rex : see plans for details

Green Hornet : see plans for details

Pill Bottle Gun : see plans for details


GBCannon : Bolt-action Quick Exhaust Pneumatic, check it out!

Pneumatic Coaxial Gun : A recent creation, breech loading coaxial pneumatic.

Marshmallow gun : Fun marshmallow launcher, great for kids.

Coke gun : Something a little different...

Zooka : Small golf ball caliber pneumatic

MetalMayhem : A metal mini, my first attempt at a metal launcher and a coaxial pneumatic.

BBAuto : My BB Machine Gun, definitely check this out!



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